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Since 1914 beautiful Renaissance Rethymnon has been celebrating the carnival with its many humoristic events. A carnival of another era leaving behind its nostalgic aroma of romantic balls and the Rethymnians through laughter and their comical antics paying their tribute to "His Excellence, The King of the Carnival."

The Treasure Hunt, an old custom dating back to when the Carnival of Rethymno began about a century ago, was the reason for the creation of 'teams' in 1990, which would give birth once again to this age-old tradition.

In 1993, the Municipality of Rethymnon decided to help fund this popular event and requested the teams to take on the challenging task of creating and organising the Carnival of Rethymnon, which has become the most popular and famous Carnival of Crete!

The Organizing Committee of the Carnival welcomes you:

Popi Diniakoy, Thomas Krevetzakis, Renia Tsixlaki, Pepi Mpirliraki, Giwrgos KSirakis, Manos Palafoytis, Rafail Manousakis, Mixalis Petrakakis, Diamantoyla Delimpasi.

ORGANIZATION: MUNICIPALITY OF RETHYMNO - Κ.Ε.ΔΗ.Ρ. (Κοινωφελής Επιχείρηση Δήμου Ρεθύμνης) (Public Company of Rethymno)

Responsible for Sectors 2020:

Costumes: Giwrgos Pediavitakis, Amalia Mathioudaki, Despoina Kouklinou, Maria Fwtaki, Kwstas Fetokakis. City Decoration : Katerina Manetaki, Diamantoyla Delimpasi. Apothikes: Antwnis Aleksakis, Thodwris Kelarakis, Nikos Manousakis, Mixalis Petrakakis, Giannis Sidiropoulos. Propompoi-Street parties: Eleni Fanourgaki. Teleti Enarksis: Nikos Mixalas. Kantades: Άkis Plaitis. Bike Parade: Mixalis Tatarakis. Carnival Run: Mixalis Kapsalakis, Maria Stavroulaki. Tsiknopempti: Xristos Aleksakis, Kwstas Fetokakis. Kids Parade: Giwrgos Pediavitakis, Stefania Fragkiadaki, Gewrgia Stavroulaki, Valantis Xompis, Maria Kitraki, Dianantoyla Delimpasi, Thodwris Kelarakis, Nikos Manousakis. Night Parade: Giwrgos Xasikos, Antwnis Aleksakis, Mixalis Petrakakis, Giannis Sidiropoulos, Lewnidas Piskopakis. Geniki Perifroyrisi: Natasa Dilinta, Lewnidas Piskopakis. Kathara Deftera: Pepi Mpirliraki

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Events' program of Carnival in Rethymno, 2020


  • Thursday 30/01/2020 Opening Ceremony of Rethymno Carnival 2020

    17:30 Guora Gate
    Kids party with music and events by the Creative Activities for Kids Center of K.E.D.I.R.
    18:30 The Carnival King, with the companionship of young and old friends, begins his usual walk on the streets of the Old Town
    Platia Agnostou Stratioti
    19:30 Arrival of Carnival King
    20:00 Announcement of the official opening of the Rethymno Carnival 2020, by the Mayor of Rethymnon, Mr. Giorgis Marinakis. Presentation of the theme and poster of 2020. Presentation of the crews of Rethymno Carnival 2020. Dance activities by Rethymno Dance Schools.
    21:00 Live concert with Stavento

  • Saturday 01/02/2020 & Sunday 02/02/2020 23rd Kids' treasure hunt & 5th Teenage treasure hunt
  • Friday 14/2/2020 Dance of the teams of Treasure Hunt
  • Saturday 15/02/2020 & Sunday 16/02/2020 31st Treasure Hunt
  • Tuesday 18/02/2020 Old Greek Cadets
  • Thursday 20/02/2020 Tsiknopempti
  • Saturday 22/02/2020 Party of Ο.Ρ.Κ.


  • Friday 28/02/2020 Traditional Cretan Cadets

    The traditional ensembles of the Rethymno Music School with students and teachers, musicians of our city and the Rethymno Carnival Groups revive the Cretan tradition.
    19:00 Starting from the Platia Agnostou Stratioti and ending at Pigadi (Guora Gate)
    Music School Officer: Ilias Piteris
    Moderator: Akis Plaitis

  • Saturday 29/02/2020 Children's Parade
  • Saturday 29/02/2020 Night Parade
  • Sunday 01/03/2020 The Big Parade


    14:00 Announcement of the opening of the Big Parade by the Mayor of Rethymnon, Mr. Giorgis Marinakis.
    Launch of the 2020 Rethymno Carnival Big Parade and Chariots' Parade from Comvos Theotokopoulou


    18:30 Rethymno Carnival 2020 Closing Ceremony on the beach (El. Venizelos)
    Burning of Carnival King's chariot

  • Monday 02/03/2020 Kathara Deytera

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